Cancer is a rainbow of illness that has monthly birthdays.

January-- Cervical Cancer

February-- Gall Bladder/Bile Duct Cancer

March-- Colorectal Cancer, Kidney Cancer, and Multiple Myeloma

April--Testicular Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer

May-- Melanoma and Skin Cancer

June-- National Cancer Survivor Month

July-- Sarcoma and Bone Cancer

August-- THE FIGHT...

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Today kicks off the first official day of the holiday shopping season, "Black Friday". Most consumers begin to get into the holiday spirit by shopping to find that perfect gift for their loved one.

This holiday season could also be filled with void and sadness, due to individuals that have lost a loved one because of a serious illness such as cancer. How can that void be reversed and filled with happiness, comfort, and support. Who will you count on to make that difference? Will you attempt to conquer this task yourself? Will you rely on a charity that can satisfy all the...


I was 37 years of age when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Inductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer. The insurance industry today does not want to pay for mammograms until the age of 40. I found my lump through self breast examination. Breast cancer did not run in my family and there was no known history. My treatment consisted of 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 32 rounds of radiation treatment, and 12 unplanned/ failed reconstructive surgeries. Cancer is a journey and I have learned over the years that everyone walk is different.

More people are being diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of...